May 28, 2015

Basketball Team of Budi Luhur Junior High School


Budi Luhur Junior High School is the right choice if you wanna be in a school with a good standard and the best facilities. Budi Luhur Junior High School also has a many extracurricular activies, such as basketball, football, robotic, etc. For this time, let me tell you a little information about basketball team of Budi Luhur JHS.

I have a close friend who has joined Budi Luhur’s basketball team for 3 years. His basketball team has joined many matches. Until now,his basketball team has achieved many appreciation as a winner of the basketball matches. There are no schools in Tangerang that didn’t know about our basketball’s accomplishments. Basketball team of Budi Luhur JHS usually joins an inter-school matches and it has made Budi Luhur JHS popular.

The matches that they have won, such as:

  1. TOURNAMENT OF RICCI CUP 2014 – We won as the 4th winner,
  1. NTJ CUP 2014 – We won as the 3rd winner,
  1. O2SN CILEDUG 2013 – We won as the 1st winner,
  1. O2SN TANGERANG SELATAN 2013 – We won as the 3rd winner,etc.

Besides being active practising in Budi Luhur,they also joined a club within the same team as in Budi Luhur JHS team. They also has won many matches and made Budi Luhur known more by people. He told me that joined this team is awesome! They can do what they like then they make it for an accomplishment. Basketball is the most popular extracurricular activity in Budi Luhur JHS. They pratice two or three times every week to increase their capabilites. I would like to join this team but i do realize that my abilty in basketball is 0.

Thanks to everyone who joined Budi Luhur JHS’s basketball team. They practice so hard then they have succeeded in basketball. We also wanna say big thanks for basketball couch of Budi Luhur JHS,Bang Gosong. You are the best.

By Michelle Carissa 9.1

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